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Posted by iris m. kirkwood on August 7, 2010 at 8:59 PM Comments comments (0)

Drama as defined in Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary 1996:

             Any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional or conflicting interests or results

            There is no qualifier in the definition that some major  earth shattering event must occur to be considered drama.


        Let's say today you have an appointment, and then a couple of stops to make afterwards.You have fifteen minutes before you have to leave. Your toast is buttered and the coffee is hot. You sit down and take a bite out of your toast when the phone rings. You answer, tell the salesperson no and hang up. Only the handset won't stay in the base. It's one of those wall hung cordless phones.

So you try again to put the handset back on the base. It falls again, just barely missing knocking over your coffee. But your toast drops to the floor. Now you try to slam the phone back on the base. It stays. Immediately the phone rings again. You roll your eyes and answer. No one there-it was feedback from the phone. You hang it up. It falls again. This time you leave it because now there's a mess to clean up, and you no longer have fifteen minutes.

        For the ten minutes or so that you experienced this episode, you experienced -frustration, anger, loss of control=drama. This is a little moment in life-Later, maybe in the car or subway on the way to the appointment you can laugh about it. Or maybe the experience will affect your attitude for the rest of the day.

Art from an ordinary life

Posted by iris m. kirkwood on August 3, 2010 at 3:31 PM Comments comments (0)

           Hello readers I have had blogs on other sites: Wordpress-too hard for me to use, Blogger-forgot about it really. You might still be able to find them. I gave them interesting names- Endless start, Art from an ordinary life, and one  whose name I can't remember. I think this blog might have a shot at a longer shelf life since it's attached to my website.


              I like to write as well as draw. Really I just like telling stories, making the ordinary  seem interesting. That is one of the secret gifts an artist  can give to the viewer- to  make the not noticed, the forgetable the most interesting thing in the world for the moment that they are viewing your work.

I was visiting my mom who's 80. She said 'look at this, It's ridiculous and I just love it.'

 It was a ceramic bird on a ceramic log. Very inexpensive looking.The log was a taffy color and the cardinal was extremely red.

My mom told me to watch this.She touched a switch on the bottom, and the bird started chirping, moving its' head from side to side and moving its' beak. Of course it was all out of sync.  My mom was laughing hysterically, 'look at that, oh  just look at that'  she laughed. She laughed so hard I started laughing.

Finally she sighed, 'ahh. Everytime I watch that bird I laugh-it cracks me up' she said. Then she said something that I want to remember: There's plenty of misery in the world, it brings me joy just to know that something as simple as this exists.

Then we had tea and  spoke of other things..........imkirkwood


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