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Carnival Splender Cruise there was no spam

Posted by iris m. kirkwood on November 16, 2010 at 8:19 PM


              The   news is what happens, not how it plays on a slow news week.



                 Our family and friends cruise made national news this week. The day of the fire was scary because no one, not the crew nor the staff had a clear idea of the amount of damage that was being done. It was early in the morning of November 8th when the announcement was made for all the passangers to come up to the top deck, because of the smoke. There was never a mention of the word fire.The elevators were not available, no toilets would flush, no water available -for that first full day Monday  and part of Tuesday. By late Tuesday evening all toilets were flushing and that  announcement recieved a round of applause! 

               After the  first day when it was evident that the ship wasn't going to blowup, or sink, most of the passengers and crew relaxed. We enjoyed the fresh fruits, vegetables, ham, shrimp, champagne and beer flown in by the Navy. I don't work for CaRNIVAL but my family and friends had a ball. Then we were able to spend 3 days in San Diego on Carnival at the Grand Hyatt. Above is a photo of the tugboat Chihuahuas I took. Next to the Splender the tugboat looked like a toy-reminded me of Micky Mouses tugboat Willie.

 We have lots more photos-but I haven't had a chance to finish unpacking.

     Also i enjoyed my 10 minutes of fame. I was interviewed via satellite by the local news station WGRZ here in Buffalo. Well back to reality.

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