imkirkwood artist

I Tell Stories With My Art.

 My name is iris m. kirkwood


                 I never want my method of creation to interfere with

              the emotional content of my drawings.


          I use pencil and the computer to create my drawings by mixing elements of the short story: point of view, setting, character with color and line, creating new dreams and memories. The pathos, humor, fear and drama of the little moments in life are universal themes found in my drawings.

Kite to Freedom by Kathleen Dinan ...Illustrations by Iris M. Kirkwood

I was contracted by the City of Light Publisher to create the interior illustrations and cover for,  Kite to Freedom    This is a middle grade novel based on a real even. In Niagara Falls NY a kite flying contest helped start the building of the suspension bridge between the USA and Canada. The suspension bridge presented a way for escaping slaves to cross over into Canada and freedom. The book is available anywhere you purchase books including